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There are so many copies of copies out there. We are not saying it’s bad to copy. We just believe in customer-centric design thinking


    Buymore POS enables you to capture cash, card and mobile money sales. You no longer need to record sales on a receipt book


    Track your stock quantity in real time and get instant alerts when stock levels run low.


    Using the Buymore POS, you can track both your cost of goods and petty cash expenses. You will no longer need to buy petty cash books.


    Choose between issuing print receipts or digital receipts via SMS or email


    The Buymore POS works both offline and online. This ensures that your business is not interrupted in anyway when Internet connectivity goes down or is not available.


    Our interactive web dashboard allows you to view and print reports, and at the same time run analysis on your business performance, wherever you are.


At Buymore, we believe, awesomeness is not a one-time shot but a lifetime. We ensure this philosophy through a continuous product improvement mantra.
We don’t operate in silos, and its our promise to incorporate your valuable feedback in this process



    Buymore POS is an application that can work on any android smartphone or tablet. We have lowered the hardware costs which means you no longer need a computer or local server to get started. All you need is a phone.


    Buymore POS is billed on a pay as you go basis. This means you only pay for the POS when you use it, and you only pay for the features your business needs.


    Buymore POS was designed after intensive customer-centred research and input. On top of it, it’s continuously improved therefore offering a stunningly simple to use and an amazing user experience to the cashiers and business owners

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Finding the Right Co-Founders for Your Startup

Great advice for choosing a co-founder

Laurie Stach

I’ve mentioned before the importance of team design and culture, so let’s dig into this intensely complex question:  What are the makings of a PERFECT co-founding team?  Ultimately, the things that are most important to team success are the ones that take the most effort to uncover.
It’s hard to uncover the perfect mix of right things in potential teammates – finding teammates with similar interests seems hard enough.  But herein lies the problem – the focus in what you are trying to uncover in teammates.  Many entrepreneurs start with finding others who have similar business or industry interests, since this tends to be easiest to assess and who they tend to already know.  Unfortunately, many of these teams have issues later in the process, having different motivations for working in that industry.  The key is to start by finding people with similar goals, then ensure you have complementary skills…

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it’s mid year, and a good time to evaluate your progress for the year’s goals. I’d like to introduce you to my goal setting go to websites for planners & planning.


Etsy is a good place to find all sorts of planners & stickers for your planners. Doesn’t that planner look attractive? But more than it’s looks planners allow you to plan your time in  a fun & creative way to the last sec of your 8-10 hours a day.

From personal experience, I have found it very easy to put all the activities down at the beginning of the year then re evaluating myself on monthly & weekly basis of how well I have been able to keep my schedule. It is very exciting to accomplish everything I have planned & by doing it one activity at a time, one moment at a time.


Check out these go to sites for printables (they also give away free printables, but only if you sign up to their newsletter.)

It’s a service worth subscribing to for a fee, because it gives so much in value.

If Time = money, Money  = Value How you spend your time = value. Then it makes sense to invest in planning your time wisely to achieve your tasks, I have found the decorated planner to be a good way to assist me to achieve my very ambitious goals. Other resources I use:

I like Mom Agenda too find them here:

Check out Pinterest too for more inspiration on your stickers & planner tips:

I found Youtube resources too

Find printable stickers you like for your planner & have fun with colour. Take the procrastination out of planning by using the fun art of planner decoration & all those goals will just be achieved one by one all fun! fun! fun!


Feel free to find an organizer/planner junkie of your choice to follow & start the planning fun life.

sticker sample.jpg

Happy Planning! Happy Achieving your goals!

MSME Financial Accounting Made Easy


Small business, lean businesses & cottage industries in the beginning need very good recording & book keeping, with all the roles played by the entrepreneur these activities get pushed to the back burner quite often. Soon it’s been an year & it’s time to file your taxes, you can’t tell whether  you made a loss or profit during the year or how much in taxes you owe. I speak from experience of starting & running 4 businesses in 4 years, yes serial entrepreneur galore! Not! Na baado!

wave app 6 wave 4

I digress, Accounting made simple. Meet Wave an app, available on mobile & web, with seriously great features for simple input of financial records & fully capable of giving financial position & financial reports. See to view this amazing app. Forget expensive Accountant costs & costly accounting software. This simple app will get you on your way to financial stability so smoothly you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.

wave 3 wave 7

PC Magazine had this to say about it:

Not only is Wave the best free small business accounting website, but it’s one of the best online resources period for its target small business audience.

Fact sheet:

Wave App

We’re changing the way millions of small businesses make money, spend money and track money.

Wave delivers innovative financial services and award-winning free software to small- and micro-businesses around the world.

By providing access to capital (Lending), improving cash flow (Payments), delivering money to employees (Payroll), helping businesses get paid (Invoicing), preparing for tax time and providing business insights (Accounting, Receipts), Wave covers the spectrum of a small business owner’s financial life, and helps businesses grow and thrive.

 Track record
$ 175B in income and expenses tracked
$ 62M in investments
$ 21B in invoices sent annually
I introduced one of my clients to this app today, she was squealing with joy (ironically, her name is Joy) as she realised how easy the app was making her life in invoicing clients, as well as tracking payments, receivables & expenditure.
Dear side hustle owner download wave today & hopefully you’ll squeal with joy/Joy too.  (see what I did there?)





Tis the season to be jolly!

The Woes and Chaos of Electioneering Period, Vote Wisely on 8/8 2017 Make Kenya Great Again!

Tis the season to be jolly! The purses open and money floods the streets. The gullible dance and chant while the intellectual scorn in amusement to the shenanigans. One would be forgiven for thinking it is party season. No! It’s just that nuisance democratic process that comes around every four years or so. It slows down the economy almost to a grinding halt just before the taps of looted funds open and dark money fills the streets.

Tis the season indeed when you remember that your neighbor is one of your kind, and you retreat into clusters nay  collectives of your ethnicity. From here, we begin a tirade of words, actions, and thoughts that would only befit our ancestors the cave men and their descendants the ‘Native Bushmen.’ We say things, think, and do things that would make the devil blush, never mind that we will blame him in the aftermath of our actions.

Our loyalty pledge begins ‘I pledge my loyalty to the president & nation of Kenya…..’ yet, phrases like ‘he is not my president because I did not vote for him’ arise. Perhaps we confuse fairness with the law? In the eyes of the law, what is written goes! In the written, Democracy means ‘winner takes it all,’ no matter by how little more he won!

Perhaps it’s time we wrap our heads around this fact. Perhaps it is the time that the intellectual get off their couches, social media and go queue to elect their leaders instead of watching the process from the comfort of their living rooms with their stores full of house supplies.

They look on as the usual election chaos break out when that “guy” whose votes always gets stolen and his victory snatched. Someone has turned Kenyans into slaves. Slaves that presume any candidate running for the high office cares about their welfare.


The word charisma and sycophant come to mind. The deceptive charm that lies in leaders that allow people to sympathize, love, adore, and worship fellow human beings. So for charisma’s sake, we shun the not so ‘man of the people candidate’ with a lower EQ but higher IQ, for the one with a high  EQ and sinister intentions of looting on his mind.

A friend once said you couldn’t blame the politician for trying to provide for his family the best way he knows how. A few extra coins in his purse, that he stole from you, to give to your cause, buys your loyalty, and soon he declares himself a crown monarch, blue blood, and an untouchable. Sadly, there’s a cycle to monarchies; eventually, they all lose their power and die. Their name lingers on, but the glory is forgotten.

crowd 3


Chanting ‘baba yetu!’ ‘Baba yetu!’ ‘HakiYetu,’ ‘Haki yetu!’ ‘No demi-god, No peace.’ We’ve become a striking nation. Cartels play peek-a –boo with basic food supplies; others just monopolize their market share and leave us at their mercy. Our economy looks good on paper but not so good in the pocket. Not so good, when we look at the export vs. import ratio (15% vs. 85%). We’re surviving on debt, and yet every politician and civil servant with power, thinks that government grows money on trees and has an endless supply of money, so they loot mercilessly then play blame games when projects do not get completed for lack of funding.

The majority of the youth in this country are not employed.

joblessness no fun

According to statistics, the unemployment rate stands at 80% of ages 18-35 being unemployed or underemployed. They’re just frustrated and angry! – Violence anyone? Drugs? Crime?

Let’s talk underemployment, people in government and civil society speaks of this animal called ‘skills mismatch’. Hilarious really in a dark humored way. So the theory goes, that there are jobs available alright! But, not any of what the job-seekers possess. What?! I mean, seriously. Yap! Those pesky Uni and TVET places you’re so proud to be an alumni of, have been busy teaching you redundant things! That’s right; you just wasted 2-6 years in school to get skills/education that nobody needs! Sorry!

an award based on volunteerism

My advice, Instead of joining college or university after high school, volunteer at a company nearby; perhaps start volunteering while you’re still in high school. Gain the skill; maybe take evening classes or online classes. And in 2-6 years you will have the no skills mismatch and a brilliant well-paying career ahead of you! But nobody tells you that right?

My two cents, on elections: It’s time to stop behaving archaic. In the words of the Bible, “come let’s reason together.” The reason election is by secret ballot is because it is a personal decision, a personal choice. The burden of how your life is governed is laid equally across each of our heads, because, it is between you and your maker that you make the best choice for you, your family & your people. Power is within your hand to wield as you please. If you choose to vote for a murderer, let it lay upon your head that you become a murderer too.

drug lord search
I googled drug lord & Kenya, this is the screen cap of the results. I accuse no one, neither does Google.

If you opt to vote for a thief, a drug lord, a slum lord, a land grabber, a warlord, a smuggler, a pimp, any man of loose morals, then it lays upon your head, the consequences of his looting, injustice and immorality. That every life destroyed or lost is on you, because you’re as responsible as the person you voted for into any office. So, as we go into the election campaign season, research your candidates. Not from word of mouth but by attending and demanding debates or by reading their manifesto.

In those famous words “society’s leaders are a reflection of …” Turn up & vote. Vote wisely, vote with your card, not with your words, sword, machete, arrow, or fire. Just use your voter’s card, please. Let’s build our nation, not tear it down. I DO NOT want to become a refugee. Please don’t allow the angry, hungry, and desperate men to ruin my Kenya.

The Woes and Chaos of Electioneering Period, Vote Wisely on 8/8 2017 Make Kenya Great Again!

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The AGAPE project for Empowerment

The AGAPE Platform

An Internet of Things & big data application for job creation & management.

Challenge: Poverty & unemployment in Kenya.

Overall Goal: To create an Internet of Things ICT4D Application in line with SDG 8: promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, and decent work for all.

The Challenge

Over the years a lot of organisations, interventions, and programs have been set up to empower individuals and communities to tackle poverty. However there has been limited impact with the results remaining fragmented and uncoordinated also many people have received training to produce products while others offer services but the marketing linkages remain weak or non- existent.

Governments, Non Governmental organizations as well as community based organizations encounter various challenges in their poverty eradication programs:

  1. Social Mobility: individuals in the economic empowerment group reach a point where they feel too well off after benefiting from the program to continue with the program
  2. Physical Mobility: security of micro finances is granted on basis of physical closeness to other members, sometimes members move away leading to challenges in the group, such as not being able to make the individual hold up financial responsibility like paying back their part of a group loan etc.
  3. Group dynamics: groups are bedeviled by serious group dynamics while going through the forming, storming, Norming & growth stages, many groups do not make it growth stage as internal politics and inter-person to person conflict tear most groups apart with social issues taking precedence over economic issues which are most important in empowerment projects thus derailing development goals.

A consolidated development and empowerment plan must provide:

Funding, Marketing & sales development, Information & Technology, Skills development, Business Incubation

Why creation of employment?

‘Give a man a fish and feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and feed him for a life time.’

By profiling individuals, helping them to meet a mastermind in their closest geo-location-ed pre-allocated Business Incubator, Group augmentation and induction into the program through training while undertaking Business Ideation & planning then Implementing the Business Plan with additional funding from an empowerment fund, production, sales & marketing as well as other business development activities supporting the businesses.

The A.G.A.P.E platform seeks to address the challenges faced while ‘teaching the man to fish’

Work provides the means to tackle poverty, empower minorities by being inclusive. The world of work is changing more rapidly than ever before the question is:  what are the best technological responses to ensure that human development benefits from that change?

A.G.A.P.E is a disruptive innovation, whose idea is to create an integrated ‘Internet of Things’ ICT4D Application that will create sustainable jobs in Kenya & other developing countries in line with SDG No. 8: To promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, and decent work for all.

For AGAPE to work efficiently, these objectives must be met:

Objective 1: Develop the virtual groups/ventures

Objective 2: Develop a market linkage app & establish/engage BTL marketing establishments in order to have ready market & monetization of economic activities. Most important because no market means no money, no money means no empowerment.

Objective 3: Bring together the organizations working in empowerment to use the technology / popularize it among individuals

A lot of actors’, development partners and Governments use group models as an approach to stimulate development. In the Kenyan case, Economic financing/credit facilities are always in group models these include: government funds set aside for empowerment and development such as YEP(youth empowerment fund), Women Empowerment fund & Uwezo funds among others.

A lot of NGO’s & MFI’s borrow from the grameen model of financing for community development. While this model works in the short term, it is bedeviled by serious group dynamics which lead to most groups stagnating defeating the purpose of empowerment as elements of the storming stage derail development goals.

One of the key reasons for storming is internal conflict. Person to person interactional conflict affects decision making and groups end up spending a lot of time in prolonged meetings, time which could otherwise be better utilized for production. Internal politics also tend to grow with time and affect the economic activity negatively with decisions made based on alliances rather than being based on what would be best for the business, which many times leads to low revenues, low morale & the eventual breaking of the group. It therefore becomes a daunting task to try to achieve development when majority of the ventures fade or die away soon after formation. The app seeks to introduce virtual groups to overcome these challenges drastically improving the success rate of empowerment programs. With this infrastructure in place the group activity will no longer be centered on the economy.


Expected Outputs (what will change with this tech)?

Increased uptake of empowerment initiatives by:

  1. Better groups’ performance with less storming in groups. The life of the groups will be prolonged as physical contact is reduced and members are allowed to exit when their objectives have been met allowing new members to join and enjoy the benefits.
  2. Free movement of goods and services as producers are linked to consumers both local & International. The value chain of many products will be made shorter by reducing brokers allowing producers to enjoy better margins
  3. Increased job creation because of increased capital access through virtual groups / entities, which will be supported by beneficiary trainers on a technical skills & knowledge transfer program, with sustainable revenues from the ventures’ production as they get linked to the market via BTL & other marketing ventures. Lack of market information on suitable/alternative distribution channels and presence of many middlemen has discouraged many producers/groups in the past.
  4. The level of technological uptake in the empowerment initiatives in Government and nonprofit organizations which is a key component in economic growth.
  5. Networking of different organizations and individuals working in similar markets by sharing markets information
  6. Accurate data to a consolidated picture in any area of the impact of development initiatives undertaken in a particular area, this will allow the different actors to know which areas to direct funding & technology/skills transfer.

I endorse arranged marriages

Regular coffee dates with girlfriends are always such great places to get content to blog about. I’m meeting with my girlfriend & as we walk into an uptown coffee place, she’s saying something about how the day’s work has been. We look for a table; she tells me all about her most recent romantic entanglements.

“………..& then there’s that girl that lives next door. Blonde as hell!…”

Well, what business of yours is that? I think, but I digress, back to the tall, dark & handsome tale Sam is giving. We nicknamed her new beau gurfield for reasons of resemblance in stature.


Anyway, Gurfield’s gurlfrend is an amazing woman who loves soccer, loves Gurfield and his love of ‘lasagna pizza’. We take a sit & sip coffee when she sombrely begins her monologue; “when I was young I had principles, about everything.

Everything was so black and white, now it isn’t! Being an adult means all sorts of shades of grey! Difficult, it may be to admit, but life isn’t as simple as it used to be! No more courting, wining and dating…. No! Strike that!
Katiaring is the new way of courtship.

A dingy bar, a few Keg jugs, a barmaid who lets young men; young enough to be her son, grope her in public, and with a final confession of undying love just before he passes out, never to remember a thing about the past night. That, is my sordid account of this ‘Katiaring process’!” By which she means courtship. I’m mortified! ”

Garfield drinks

While gurfield’s girlfriend was in her rant, I had an epiphany yesterday, we need not go through the pains of a relationship, the solution: we can feign one till it exists! In both our minds and in our lives. Everybody has an elastic limit. I certainly have a very short limit!

Let’s go on legalise situation-ships, they’re the most common form of relationships nowadays. Gone are the olden ways of courtship, ‘send me a sext & we’ll take it from there’ is where relationships nowadays are at. We’ve reached that place where men sorry, ‘man-child’ types will say ‘ae’ in one text, then in the next, ask you if you can hook up for mutual pleasuring of your bodies. I know! my jaw dropped when this happened to me sometime last week on messenger. All in all, the more I see, the more logically conservative  I get, thus my epiphany. I hereby endorse arranged marriages! We can always feign a relationship till exists!It has to be better than our evolved millennial courtship ways.

drunk garfield


The Situationship

There’s a girl that lives next door. Blonde as hell! Well, what business of yours is that?

Anyway, Gurfield’s gurlfrend is an amazing woman, who loves soccer, loves Gurfield and his love of lasagna pizza. Still not the point; when she was young, she had principles, about everything. Everything was so black and white, now it isn’t! Being an adult means all sorts of shades of grey! Difficult, it may be to admit, but life isn’t as simple as it used to be! No more courting, definitely no wining and dating…. No! Strike that! Katiaring is the new way of courtship. Recently, someone coined the word defining catching feelings, sleeping together and ending up with child as ‘Situationships’. I digress…

A dingy bar, a few Keg jugs, a barmaid who lets young men, young enough to be her sons, grope her in public and a final confession of undying love just before he passes out never to remember a thing about the past night. A sordid account of this Katiaring process!

beer choices.jpg

I had an epiphany yesterday, we need not go through the pains of a relationship, the solution: we can feign one till it exists! In both our minds and in our lives. Everybody has an elastic limit. I certainly have a very short limit! I digress….

Today there was new swagger in life. How come the older we grow the more sensitive we get? And then we can’t even take a joke! It is always about ‘who is carrying themselves like they mean more than the other?’ I believe I heard this today, and I quote “just because my title is ‘Miss,’ does it mean I deserve less respect?” I was, for lack of a word, flabbergasted, people still have such stereotypical thinking? You mean society treats spinsters different? By the way when I say ‘spinster’ I mean early 30’s (I am quite oblivious to this stereotyping) I don’t believe that there is a specific age at which one should or should not get married. That is too personal! And I am too shallow to care! Frankly, I would rather not have walked into the room to listen to the monologue that followed the above sentiments. Women! We never cease to cause drama at the work place.

Am thinking I should get a cat. What brought this on? I observed yesterday – well from stalking people’s profiles on Facebook -Everybody I went to primary and high school with seems to be getting new responsibilities, be it the husband, a child or two, a budding career and the list goes on. So yeah, am definitely getting a cat. That will be a great responsibility! (Scoff!)We’re only about 23 years on average! what’s the rush schoolies?fat-cat

So glad there’s smoking zones now even in bars, somehow am always wondering why I seem to feel like the bar I end up in doesn’t mind who sits where. Somehow, I am always sitted next to the chimneys. Think, Second hand cigarette smoke is more harmful………Apparently nobody cares about that Cancer thing! sigh! Far be it from the typical Kenyan to stop doing something because it MIGHT cause them Health problems.

There goes my train of thought, till next time, Damn this Attention Deficiency thing!

Making money


For everything you can do, there’s someone making money from it.

For everything that you have there’s someone making money from it! 

If it’s hair, there’s someone selling their naturally growing human hair for a lot of money (recently, there’s been a trend in selling hair locks in Kenya for many monies, there has been cases of people getting drugged & shaved while rocking those smart locks.) I digress.

The barber shaves hair for a living, the salons make money from plaiting women’s hair and some make synthetic hair for a living.

A lot of people earn a living off the 5 human senses: sight, smell, touch, auditory senses & savoury senses.

step-3-profitThere’s dogs that make a living from seeing(ever heard of eye-seeing dogs), & people who make a living running next to the blind in the Olympics & other athletic competitions, technically seeing for them. There’s people who get paid to taste tea every day here in Kenya. Many type for a living, some speak for a living, some dance for a living, some play (yes, play! for a living, else what do you call twenty four adults chasing a ball around a field?)

The point: You can make money from doing anything.

Out of the five senses hail industries such as tourism, hospitality, food & beverage production, perfumeries, entertainment & arts among others.

Conclusion: you come with everything you need to succeed to this world. It’s just your outlook on matters that makes the difference. 

Technology Tip:


Today, I’d like to introduce you to a site where people make money from stuff they do easily & mostly for fun, drawing & doodling. Check out , open a store, take out that stuff you drew with your child, take a photo of it  & post it in your store then sell away!


For good money! Lots of money!

See money is everywhere!



All the best!

Gurfield’s Gurlfriend.


Marketing Stategy?

Business Planning

Did you ever need to write a business plan and couldn’t even figure out head or toe of this process? check out for free sample business plans. It makes the process so easy!

evil  meme.jpg

Market Strategics & planning

Now if all you need is a marketing strategy, check out to help you navigate the rough waters of marketing.There’s so many details that matter, in the end, Mplans makes it seem so easy by putting all these details in a simple format you can use.

What’s your marketing strategy this year?


What new business ideas have popped into your head lately? don’t ignore them! write out a business plan, then see yourself Think & grow rich. I’m using them, loving them.


If it feels overwhelming fill in one page a day, it will be finished one day…

Have a fabulous evening! Cheers!