Humans have been on the earth for over 6000 years, so it is believed. The wealth of knowledge that is available which has been accumulated from about the time of the Babylonians to the present day is just amazing! I find this fact fascinating & gorge up on information like it were food.




The Internet has now made a lot of this information just a click away, so as I dig through the tons of information online daily, I find treasure that could change a life, better yet, save a business. I decided this 2017 to share a lot of these amazing resources I have found online, with those who will find value in them.

I have a most diversified interest and almost peculiar readership habits. This however should not confuse, tire or bore you in anyway. Pick what interests you and enjoy. I’m just glad we will have shared one interest or another.


All the best! Happy Readings!

Gurfield’s Gurlfriend



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